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PRESTO - an innovative business process management solution

Greenlit works in partnership with ToppTI, a European software solution provider for business excellence.

Topp Tactical Intelligence Ltd, a European software solution provider, brought to the market PRESTO Continuous Improvement, a performance enhancement end to end solution to visually link the company together and innovate while saving costs.

An optimal tool to measure a company’s maturity level, eliminate IT functional gaps and ‘Go Digital’ by eliminating spreadsheet and capturing know-how.

We are happy to work with Andrew Lenti and this innovative business process management solution – PRESTO. It offers a wide variety of business and change management functionality allowing organisations of all sizes and sectors to capture know-how in a more efficient manner while putting operational excellence and the core principles of Lean at the core of their digital transformation program.

TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd was founded in 2015 by a group of individuals who launched their careers predominately within large corporate structures and understand by first-hand experience how an organisation with a well-defined IT strategy calibrated to the pulse of its workforce offers harmonious, reciprocated benefits to the employees, their management team, and ultimately to the shareholders of the company. 

Its consultants, prior to being software architects spent the majority of their careers working in multinational organisations as operational leaders, business analysts, problem solvers, and change managers.  By bringing their proof-of-concept tool sets used in the field and partnering with an innovative & creative multiple-geography product development team, TOPP TI consultants offer high quality solution design articulating rich business know-how into high-powered business automation.

Performance Management has two parts: Performance Measurement & Performance Improvement. We often focus too much on the former & less on the latter.

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